We’re Changing Our Name!

Happy Summer, Dear Reader! I hope that you are staying hydrated and giving yourself plenty of time to rest and relax. I can’t believe it but it has been four years since I started abd2phd by taking my first class at Purdue’s entrepreneurial incubator, The Foundry. It would be several months before wandering into thatContinue reading “We’re Changing Our Name!”

Free Assignment! (First of Many)

This post is for my new teachers or teachers newly committed to centering black women’s voices in their classroom. As with all things, let me start by telling you a little story. The day after Donald Trump was elected to lead my country due to our outdated, racist electoral college system I flew to CanadaContinue reading “Free Assignment! (First of Many)”

Making the Most of Coursework: Part 1

The very first thing you need to know about your PhD coursework is what NOT to do. That’s what we focused on with the first installment of our Making The Most of Coursework webinar series. This upcoming Monday, at noon PST, we’ll have our second installment which will focus us on how to use courseworkContinue reading “Making the Most of Coursework: Part 1”

What They Don’t Tell You About Coursework

It’s not about the courses. There are a lot of reasons that PhD programs start with two years of coursework but it’s not about the courses. One of the biggest mistakes that new PhD students make, that I 1000% made, is thinking that PhD coursework is like the types of coursework we’ve done previously inContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Coursework”

Circles (Not Post Malone Related)

I’ve always thought that “writer’s block” is a horribly named phenomenon. It certainly describes that feeling of not being able to make progress but, in my experience, writer’s block feels less like being stuck and more like not knowing where to go. I’ve found that most of my clients feel the same. I propose thatContinue reading “Circles (Not Post Malone Related)”