Have you ever fantasized about an app that could help you get through grad school? What about an app that could help you write your dissertation. No, I don’t mean a writing app or a productivity app. There are many great versions of both of those things.

I mean something different. I mean, an app designed exclusively by graduate students for graduate students to help with the problems graduate students face like impostor syndrome or sharing a small office with 3-10 other graduate students.

An app that seamlessly integrates mindfulness to help with the stress and mental illness that can be exacerbated by graduate school. An app that integrates movement you can do at your desk, or in a coffee shop, or even on a bus–anywhere you work–to help with a stiff neck and shoulders that comes from reading and writing for hours.

I have.

The idea for that app was the beginning of abd2phd. It’s been three years in the making and . . .

It. Is. Finally. Here.

Our app is up and running. We are currently looking for 30-50 people to help us test the app.

The deal is simple. You get a free month of the app in exchange for your honest feedback on what works and what doesn’t. If you’re interested, or know a PhD student who might be you can sign up to be a beta-tester here: https://mailchi.mp/1ea6d1abee44/appbeta_0820

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