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If you’re new to WTF: PhD–Welcome!

If you’ve been here for awhile then you know that a core part of my mission is to bring the best PhD coaching advice to as many people as possible. That’s part of why I keep prices significantly lower than other coaches (though the quality is the same) and it’s why I decided to get into the podcast game.

The WTF: PhD podcast answers the most frequently asked questions I experience in my coaching practice.

It was difficult to decide what the very first issue should be about: writer’s block? committee politics? making coursework work for you?

While I’ll cover all of those things eventually it occurred to me that the first episode HAD to be about the thing that all academics do but no one is trained for: teaching.

Specifically, this episode is for everyone teaching or TAing their first class this term and it covers how to feel comfortable in your authority in the classroom. You can listen to the first episode here.

I am delighted to bring this podcast to you for FREE and they will remain free. However, they do cost money to produce so if you find this podcast helpful would you consider buying me a coffee? You can do so here.


PS: I do take requests! If there is an issue you want the podcast to cover sooner than later please leave a comment and let me know!


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