Sure, mindfulness can look like this . . .

But can it also look like this?

YES! In fact, mindfulness is a tool *for* high pressure situations which is what makes it so transformative in the classroom.

Many universities are incorporating mindfulness classes for their students because they recognize the power of a mindful practice in our future leaders.

But our faculty are already our leaders. In fact, they are leading the rooms full of all those future leaders!

Training faculty on how to incorporate mindfulness into their teaching style not only helps with classroom management but ensures that your institution’s investment in teaching mindfulness to students is reinforced by faculty modeling a mindful practice. It’s a win for the institution, a win for the faculty, and a win for students.

The Mindful Syllabus Workshop is a four hour intensive workshop that helps faculty think through what sorts of issues might come up in their classes that can be addressed by a mindful teaching practice. For instance, how can the instructor teaching the 100-level math class use mindfulness to overcome the fear many entry level students feel in math? How can a quantitative research class use mindful practices to help students understand which method is most appropriate for the type of study they want to do?

The Mindful Syllabus Workshop is capped at 30 participants to ensure that we have time for everyone to build mindfulness into their syllabus, from the course description to the course schedule, and to go over the types of classroom and student interactions a mindful practice can improve.

By the end of The Mindful Syllabus Workshop each participant will have mindfulness statements, and practices, they can incorporate into their syllabus design and the way they talk about course policies. In addition, each participant will leave with practical tools they can take back to their departments to share with other faculty.

Participation in The Mindful Syllabus Workshop is $200/participant* with a hard limit of 30 participants per workshop. However, your institution is more than welcome to schedule multiple workshops to best accommodate different schedules and different populations.

To schedule The Mindfulness Syllabus Workshop, I ask that you reach out to me using the contact form here. From there, I will set up a video call for us to discuss what best fits the needs of your faculty and your institution.

*Prices assume that the workshop will be held digitally on Zoom or a similar platform. As your state lifts Covid restrictions, I may be available to lead the workshop on your campus in which case prices stay the same for the workshop and travel will be negotiated.

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