Just what the name says: Meet with me for one day (a six hour session) and walk away with ten pages you didn’t have before.


No, I won’t write them for you. What I will do is Kool-Aid Man through your writer’s block like:

I’ll bring the writing tools, you bring the subject knowledge, and together we’ll make content. Ten pages worth.

Not only do I guarantee that you will write ten pages of new content for your current Work In Progress but if, for any reason, you have less than ten pages at the end of the day then I will offer you a refund for that percentage or a complimentary session. Here’s how it works:

Number of Pages You WriteYour Refund OR Your Complimentary 1:1 Hours


Me! Dr. Jaime Hough! I got my PhD in American Studies from Purdue University in 2018 but I’ve been helping folks do things they thought were impossible LONG before that. During college I worked as a math tutor, turning D’s and F’s into B’s and A’s. All through college and grad school I was known as the person to come to if you wanted some help making progress on your writing. Partly because I write extraordinarily fast (my record is 7 pages in 40 minutes) and because I have a talent for busting through writer’s block. Since 2018, I have worked as a PhD coach helping grad students make progress on their dissertations.

Obliterating writer’s block and helping grad students make progress has previously been a part of my one-on-one coaching services. However, I know that some folks just need a little help getting through their latest project but don’t need long-term coaching help. I’ve designed this service for them.

How Much

$1,500–a savings of $300 dollars, or one free hour, according to my regular rates.

Yes, payment plans are available and discounts are available for booking quarterly sessions. Feel free to schedule a consultation with me below to discuss options.


From wherever you’re most comfortable/productive through the magic of Google Hangouts. The link will be included in your confirmation email.


The link below is to schedule your 30 minute consultation to discuss the Work In Progress and the payment plan that is best for you.

The Fine Print

This service is for expanding your current Work In Progress whether it be an article, your thesis, or similar. If you are looking for help with application documents for grad programs or job see my Document Days service.

Depending on your needs and where you are at in your research process your ten pages may be a mix of finished content and a detailed outline of points that will require you do to more research outside of our time. Your ten pages will likely not be formatted according to your institutional standards and you will need to add your citations after our session.

I am happy to offer you a monetary refund or additional services if we don’t write ten pages due to factors under my control. However, refunds are not available in cases where or writing time is significantly interrupted by factors under your control.

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