WTF: Prelims Book + Worksheet Bundle



Preliminary Exams. Field Exams: Qualitative Exams.

Prelims. Fields. Quals. QEs.

Though the name varies depending on your program passing these exams is a crucial part of your PhD process but beyond the guidance of “pass them” most programs don’t adequately prepare students to take their prelims let alone how to use your exams to develop crucial skills that will make the rest of your PhD program easier.

In the WTF: Prelims Dr. Hough explains how prelims are designed to transition you from student to scholar going into detail on topics ranging from how the skills you cultivated as a student can actually hold you back as a scholar to how to plan for your prelims so that unexpected interruptions don’t cause a crisis.

This bundle pack includes the 7 prelim worksheets designed to help you plan your reading list, keep track of your progress, remind you to take breaks, set yourself up for the actual exam period, and even sample assignments for students if you’re teaching while prelimming.


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