WTF: Abusive Advisors



Advisors and their grad students:

It’s sort of like a boss-employee relationship.

But your boss helps decide what you think about and how.

And you have to see or hear about your boss at every professional event for the rest of your life.

Long after you stop working for them. Or they retire. Or die.

PhD advisor’s wield an immense amount of power over their advisees. Unfortunately, some advisors abuse that power but it can be difficult for graduate students to recognize or name that abuse both because of the structures of the academy that make the abuse seem like rigor and the lack of language for abuse in professional relationships.

In WTF: Abusive Advisors, Dr. Hough explains how to tell if your advisor is abusive with clear examples drawn from work with her friends and clients. She also explains that there are ways to leave an abusive advisor and, where that’s not possible, survive with your work and your sanity in tact.


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