I’m A PhDamn Adult: The Health Bundle



I created the I’m a PhDamn Adult coloring book to help graduate students keep track of, and reward themselves for, the small victories that pave the road to your dissertation defense. I chose to create the book with Amazon because they have the resource to print and ship a book significantly faster than I do!

However, some people don’t want to buy through Amazon and some people don’t want a whole coloring book.

For those folks who want to reward themselves for focusing on their health while dissertating or those folks who want to support WTF: PhD directly I’ve created The Health Bundle. It’s all of the health related badges from the I’m A PhDamn Adult coloring book in a PDF back you can download instantly.

Be sure to make plenty of copies to reward yourself every time you do a health! Remember, YOU are the most important part of your work so take care of yourself!


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