I’m a PhDamn Adult: A Coloring Book for Relaxation and Rewarding Your Progress



The core tenet of all PhD coaching is that getting a PhD is not about being smart. It’s about knowing how to persevere through the ups, downs, and uncharted territory of the process. At WTF:PhD, I work with my clients to help them find ways to persevere and the three most important are this:

  1. Reward yourself for making small steps towards your goal.
  2. Remember that taking care of you is necessary to completing your project.
  3. Find ways to relax!

I’m excited to bring you a new product that ties all three of these together:

The I’m a PhDamn Adult Coloring Book from WTF: PhD.

Coloring is a great tool for helping you relax and this unique coloring book is filled with badges for the small accomplishments that add up to big achievements. After you color in each badge you can cut it out and put it on your wall, next to your to-do list, on your fridge, or wherever you’ll see it to remind yourself that you are making progress even if doesn’t feel like it!

I’ve chosen to publish this book with Kindle Direct Publishing because it keeps the costs as low as possible which means that I can make this coloring book available to you at the best price. Go purchase I’m a PhDamn Adult coloring book from Amazon today!


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