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Whether you are putting together your application materials for graduate school, applying for an academic job, or transitioning your CV to a resume a document day can help you!


A document day is a four hour session where we focus on getting your documents in shape for your next adventure whether that be grad school or switching to a non-academic career.

I promise you that two things will come out of your Document Day.

First, you will leave with excellent documents. These will be almost-finished documents meaning that all you have to do is tailor them to the particular institution you are sending them to. All the content will be done and will be excellent.

Second, you will know how to create excellent documents. I don’t just write your documents for you. I show you how to put all of your impressive accomplishments on paper. (Yes, you! You have impressive accomplishments even if you can’t see them yet.) That means that you won’t need to hire me every time you want to update your resume or apply for a program. You will leave your document day understanding how to ensure that your experience reads like the impressive set of skills it is.

I promise that by the end of the day you will be very impressed with yourself!


Me! Dr. Jaime Hough. I am a first-generation college student who got my PhD in American Studies from Purdue university in 2018. For the past two years I have worked in an alt-ac career as an advisor at a state university will helping grad students, particularly grad students of difference, crush their goals without sacrificing their holistic health.

In the past, I have worked with my clients on their documents as part of my coaching package. However, I know that many talented scholars just need a little bit of extra help on getting their documents together without coaching. that’s why I’ve decided to offer document days.


You, me, and up to five of your friends. Depending on your preference you can schedule a one-on-one session with me or you can invite up to five of your friends working on the same type of documents (e.g. all grad school apps, all CV conversions) to work in a small group.


In Google Hangouts. A link will be provided when you schedule your document day below!

How Much

A one-on-one document day costs $1,000–a savings of $200 over my hourly rate!


You can save even more money by inviting up to five friends to join you!

Here’s the breakdown:

# of GuestsPrice/GuestTotal PriceTotal/Person


Schedule your Document Day below!

The Fine Print

Document Day services are intended for resumes, CVs, personal statements, teaching philosophies and similar documents. They are NOT for articles or manuscripts. If you would like one-on-one help with your Work In Progress please see the 10 Page Day.

Scheduling a Document Day with me can guarantee excellent documents but cannot guaranteed outcomes. If you would like a guarantee of income please consider voting for Universal Basic Income.

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