Writing the first draft might be the hardest part of any writing project but you’ve done it!

You’ve conquered the blank page and produced the first draft of your chapter or your dissertation!

Now what?

Now it’s time to turn that first draft into a good draft, and we are here to help with the 30 Day Revision Workbook. If you are familiar with our 30 Day Draft Workbook then you already have an idea of what the 30 Day Revision Workbook is.

The 30 Day Revision Workbook transforms your draft from a rough draft to a polished one in 30 days, using one step a day, in an hour or less per step.

We know you have a lot on your plate so we created this workbook to make your dissertation revisions manageable.


The 30 Day Revision Workbook is a one month calendar that has six work days and one rest day per week. Each work day has one step to take towards revising your draft. Each step takes no more than an hour to complete. The steps build on each other so that you have a transformed draft by the end of the month.

You can choose which day you want to be your rest day (it’s marked as Sunday on the worksheet) as long as you keep the steps in order.

In addition to the calendar, you get our best coaching tips on how to organize your work space and time to make the most progress. These are the steps that our 1:1 coaching clients find transformative in their own writing practices. Simply put: these practices help you make progress faster.

That’s a WTF: PhD guarantee.

Past clients have called these steps “externalized executive function.”

That means two things:

First, if you are neurodivergent and struggle with executive function and have been disappoint by neurotypical productivity practices there’s a good chance this might work for you. The WTF: PhD team is also neurodivergent and we created these tools to work for us.

Second, even if your executive function works just fine, you’ll likely find you work a little faster when the “thinking” part of the work is done for you which is exactly what this is! You show up and do the action. You make progress. You succeed. We all celebrate!


You! This workbook is designed for people who could use a little help structuring their revision process but not necessarily 1:1 support. Once you purchase the workbook you’ll be able to download and immediately start making progress. All you need is your brilliant brain, your draft, and your preferred writing tool!

How Much

$35 USD. A little over a dollar a day.


Wherever you get your work done! In bed, at your desk, at a coffee shop, on the bus. Anywhere you work will work!

The Fine Print

Since this is a digital product that cannot be returned we cannot offer refunds. However, we care about your experience and if you are unsatisfied for any reason contact us so we can make it right.

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