Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I offered to record some lectures on my areas of expertise for any of you looking for online teaching resources suddenly.

The response was bigger than expected so I did something I never thought I would do–I created a YouTube channel.

The first video on the connections between virginity and the patriarchal nation state is up now and you can find it here!

The YouTube comments have suggested pre and post lecture discussion questions and the external sources I drew from most heavily in putting together this lecture.

My goal is to get a new lecture up every through this weekend. The videos are stand alone, you don’t need to bring anything else to them to understand them, but together they will form a short series on virginity in the contemporary United States.

I hope these help with your online teaching adventures!

Come back tomorrow for the link to our next YouTube post and our regular Friday post. Our upcoming theme is overcoming writer’s block!

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