Y’all, how the hell did it get to be October so quickly?

We had so much planned for our September series on teaching but, you know, life happens.

In addition to the emotional toll of the Kavanaugh hearings, which we shared a little bit about here, the majority of our team moved during the month of September throwing our lives, and our timelines, into chaos.

We want to deeply apologize to those of you who were hoping for more detailed teaching advice. We were excited to talk about teaching with you as well and deeply disappointed that we didn’t meet our original posting goals.

Like most of the topics we cover on this site, we could spend months talking about the ins and outs of teaching.

And we plan to.

If you’ve wanted a deeper dive on any of the topics we’ve covered in the past (e.g. prelims/fields, being a first-gen or working-class PhD, task management, wonder & flow, and, yes, teaching) then it is my great pleasure to announce that we will be revisiting all of these topics and going into greater detail over the next calendar year.

On Wednesday we will be announcing the new topic we’ll be covering for the month of October–a topic we are so excited to share with you!

But we aren’t quite done with teaching yet. This Friday, in lieu of a regular weekly roundup we will be sharing a super roundup of teaching links and resources we’ve found helpful over the years.

Last, but never least, we want to offer a special thanks to all of the new followers who joined us during our summer series on rest and over the month of September! We are so glad you are here and want to celebrate you. To do so, we’re putting together a giveaway for the month of November. Leave a comment and tell us what item you would most want to win in an abd2phd giveaway!

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