How right and how fitting it is that we should end our summer series on rest this Labor Day. Yes, Labor Day is traditionally seen as the end of summer, with many U.S. schools going back into session the days of carefree summer fun are at an end. More importantly, however, Labor Day is a holiday created by union workers who wanted to advocate for more time off.

If you belong to a campus with a graduate student union I hope you join it.

Whether or not your campus is unionized, I hope you honor the spirit of the holiday by taking some time off for yourself.

If our summer series on rest has piqued your interest on the research behind the connections between taking time off and increased productivity you can follow-up here, here, here, and here. (Fair warning: I haven’t actually read any of these books so please feel free to report back on their quality in the comments.)

Come back tomorrow for the start of our September series on teaching!


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