We hope this list of resources is helpful to you. Weekly Roundup links are selected by the editors on two criteria. (1) We came across something published this week that we thought would be useful or (2) We came across a post published a while ago relevant to something happening this week. If you see something  you think should make it into the weekly roundup drop us a line on the contact page.

This week’s roundup is a special edition focused on working-class PhDs.

Out Priced and Out Classed–a personal piece on the complexity and the pain of all of it from the appropriately titled The Mucky PhD.

Coming to Terms With Being a Working Class Academic–Some helpful definitions and a good essay from Sociology Lens.

Blue Collar Advantage–An American piece with an interesting take on the value of working-class academics.

A Poverty-Class Academic’s Guide to Getting It Done–A good piece with useful advice. We need more of these.

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