We hope this list of resources is helpful to you. Weekly Roundup links are selected by the editors on two criteria. (1) We came across something published this week that we thought would be useful or (2) We came across a post published a while ago relevant to something happening this week. If you see something  you think should make it into the weekly roundup drop us a line on the contact page.

Transitions: Re-Imagining Your Academic Output By Embracing A Mind-Set Of Abundance–If the looming end of the quarter/semester/year has you panicked about your output this post from the beginning of the year may help.

Have A Little Fun With Semester Planning–Because we are often asked to start planning the next semester before we’ve wrapped up the current one, this post from Tonya Golash-Boza has suggestions on how to make the process less heinous and, perhaps, even fun!

Productivity Comes Last–Can you tell that your humble editors are feeling a bit overwhelmed by end of semester deadlines? Well, we love this post from James Hayton.

PhD Defenses Around the World–For any of our colleagues preparing to defend at the end of this term or the beginning of the next one we recommend checking out the latest installment in the series from PhDTalk.

The final three posts in the weekly roundup are about graduate students unionizing as the discussion of how the GOP tax bill may effect graduate students has got us thinking about worker protections. Also, call your Senators!

The Implications of Graduate Student Unionization

Ruling Pushes Door To Grad Student Unions “Wide-Open.”

Call Your Senators!

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